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Ergonomic Chairs For Work & Leisure

I was suffering from back pain for more than 10 years. Those were years where I was visiting one doctor after the other where most of them didn’t do anything more than prescribe pain killers. One notable exception was the acupuncture which showed good results, although mostly temporary for only a week or two.

Working from home for eight hours a day in my music studio I never considered that I should possibly look there for the root of my pains: In my office and studio.

It happened that we moved to another location which was a good opportunity that we replaced all our old office furniture, the chairs and desks with modern, ergonomic types.

It didn’t take a month and I felt a big relief of my pains which nagged me for so long already. It became quickly clear that the main reason for my health issues had been the chairs and less than optimal furniture we used for so many years. Now, with the new ergonomic chairs, not only did my back get better. I was finally able to work much longer without feeling tired after some hours already. With my back pains getting less and less I also saw fewer other health problems, less migraines and an overall better focus and motivation for my work.

So if you’re like me and work long hours sitting on a computer, maybe in your own studio or at work, you should definitely look into ergonomic chairs. This was probably the best decision we ever made. And let’s be honest, what can be more important than good health and well-being?

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